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Top of Her Game hosts regular events, both online and physical around the world. Follow us on Social Media, or sign up to receive updates about our upcoming events. Cutting edge events that feature ordinary women achieving extra-ordinary things.
Our Gamechangers are women who break stereotypes and who are at the top of their game in sport and, or business. They are active and successful, using techniques they learn from sport to win in the commercial world and applying lessons learned from business to compete on their chosen field of play.

A Welcome Message from Christina Ioannidis

Please join me in celebrating the 21st Century form of being a woman. A form where women are celebrated for breaking stereotypes. Where women who are at the top of their game either on the playing field, either in the board room. No need for the colour pink. No need for tutus. A woman can be competitive (and win) and still… be a woman.

The Spirit of the Female Majlis

One day I was invited to an event about the effect of mentoring in workplace. When I arrived I was feeling a bit tired a…

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TOPCEO Conference 2016: Cracking the Women Bias Code

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Our events have the most amazing guest speakers!

Candace Johnson’s philosophy…

…My feeling is that if you can inspire people to believe that whatever you are undertaking, that you will succeed, and that if you failed, you failed because you did not bring those people to believe. Every time, I’ve ever had a failure, and we all have failures, I realized afterwards that I had not been successful in making people believe. And so, today when I go around and I give speeches on entrepreneurship, I really talk about the power of believing. And the power of believing really does allow you to do all of the impossible things. And I have a friend who always says, “Candace, only the impossible things are worth doing in life.”

Dee Caffari’s philosophy…

“It’s always the hard thing, I think, to build that resilience and endurance. I think those two words are just amazing and cover so many aspects, be it emotional, physical, psychological. And, for me, it’s definitely all about the training, putting in hard work beforehand, and seeking advice, and working with experts in the relevant areas. So, not expecting any individuals have all the answers, but you need to be prepared to go and listen to those whose advice you value, and seek the knowledge from elsewhere. And, for me, it’s always the case.”

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Reham Top of Her Game Launch Event Guest

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