Female Majlis: Introducing Cross Generational Peer Mentoring

The Female Majlis is the GCC’s ultimate peer-mentoring platform. Women from across the Gulf Region peer-mentor each other, from all types of industries and backgrounds.

Our new addition to the event is the inclusion of university students to proceedings, creating the first Youth – Senior professional cross-generational mentoring format. This represents an amplified version of reverse-mentoring – the diverse ideas and experiences brought in by the young generation augments the learning even of the most seasoned professionals.

Our specially designed, uniquely powerful format, is the brainchild of our CEO, Christina Ioannidis. ‘We have been running these types of peer-mentoring dinners internationally, and the result is always the same: women connect, support each other and leave with their own Personal Board of Directors’ to support their career development. The icing on the cake? All participants sign their Top of Her Game Pledge which confirms their personal commitment to not only dedicating time to their own personal development but to also continue supporting other women.

The numbers speak for themselves. In over 500 participant feedback forms received, the scoring received is an average of 10/10!

But don’t just take it from us. Join us to experience this high-impact event! And, of course, if you are a university student, feel free to also become part of this growing community!

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