Top of Her Game Gamechanger –
Noof Yousi Al Qadeeri

We are delighted to introduce our new Gamechanger!

No stranger to challenging the status quo, Noof Yousi Al Qadeeri is one of the first two air traffic controllers in Bahrain.

As a true #gamechanger she shares with us some of her challenges and achievements in a male-dominated industry.

1. What are the main achievements in your life?

Work: I’m the first female Air Traffic Controller in the kingdom of Bahrain, and this according to me is a good achievement as Bahrain is a fast growing country and it is considered as an open country where women have started working in many sectors since decades. But the Air Traffic Controller sector was one of the final frontiers to be entered by women. As strange as it sounds in this day and time, the Air Traffic Controller community was a male dominated environment, and as such, entering this field was challenging to us as women. It still remains as a challenge for future women.

Although the Ministry of Transport represented in CAA management tried their best to incorporate us into the system, factors like – the change in building facilities, working hours, and so on had taken its toll on us. During that period we had our share of difficult and embarrassing moments which later paved the way for helping us achieve our goal by proving our ability to be functionally and mentally strong. Now the number of female Air Traffic Controllers has grown and there is no difference in recruiting conditions between men and women.

Education: I’ve gone all the way to get my MBA, with the ambition to get my PhD soon.

Family: Being a mother, building a family from a 12 year happy marital life, raising two boys who are the joy of my life – are the greatest achievements for any woman!

2. What drives you to be at the top of your game? What are your success strategies?

At work: inner enthusiasm and desire backed by my education, continuous learning, smart work and personally: the love and passion for my family are the main drivers for being at the top of my game.

I look at my personal success as a part of my organizational success. So working with my colleagues as a team to achieve the ultimate organizational goals, and drawing a line to maintain the work-life balance thereby leading to happiness and success in both my personal and professional aspects is how I go about being successful.

3. The GCC states, and Bahrain within it, are going through major change when it comes to the involvement in business and society. What do you think is driving that?

I think the openness of the GCC countries to new perspectives, mainly the involvement of women in new uncharted areas of businesses and societal activities that uncovered some incredible talents and capabilities. I believe not only the men but the whole country is contributing to building and developing it.

4. Finally, it is important for us to recognise the power of men in supporting women. Is there a man who has played an instrumental role in your personal growth and success? Who are they and how did they influence you?

My father, whom I adore, has planted in me a desire to be strong, successful, and ambitious. On the other hand he had raised me to be a loving, passionate, and supportive wife and mother. I believe the mother is the foundation of a well connected and successful family that plays its part in building a great society and thus a country.

My husband is loving, supportive, cheerful and my best friend, who stood by me in my good and bad times, who helped and is still helping me whenever I need work-related advice, or sharing the familial load to give me some space and time to concentrate on my career.

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