TOPCEO Conference 2016:
Cracking the Women Bias Code

TOPCEO Conference 2016: Cracking the Women Bias Code

Top of Her Game has partnered with Top CEO, Sky News Arabia to investigate biases against women in business!

Top CEO, Sky News Arabia, and Top of Her Game will take a 360º stock of professional biases against women in the region in a televised panel discussion, featuring 3 of our Gamechangers!

Cracking the Women Bias Code

Women are key to the economic development. In their traditional roles, however, the GCC women are more of participants in the economy rather than creators of the economy. Of the 12.1 million women in the working age group, only 3.3 million are employed.[1] Wealth held by women in the Middle East and North Africa region stands at US$500 billion.[2]

Despite several assistance programs and initiatives by some governments, the economic inclusion is not fully reflected in the professional growth for women in this region. How do Arab women perceive the opportunities awarded to them in business? What are the barriers, and even biases, that Arab women entrepreneurs experience in non-traditional fields? Who are the regional role models? Should private businesses include Arab women’s participation in their CSR programs with tangible results?

Featuring the Top of Her Game Gamechangers:

Malak Ali Hassan

Mariam Yousef Ahli

Fatima A.Wahed Al.Ahmed

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