Welcome to Top of Her Game!


Please join me in celebrating the 21st Century form of being a woman. This is a space for celebrating women who are at the top of their game in business, the board room, the playing field.

This is not a campaign for equality. It is not a campaign for bringing back “girliness”. This is THE movement to Break Gender Stereotypes of Women in the GCC.

If she can see it, she can be it…

Arab women need to be shown in non-traditional, male-dominated spheres. They need to be showcased, demonstrating how their hijab nor their culture holds them back. Engineers, doctors, sportswomen, businesswomen. They need to be visible in all walks of society… because they can excel in every field!

Peer-mentoring to drive ambition

Through our signature Female Majlisevents, we have also created a community of women who support each other to conquer all their dreams and achieve success.

Let’s inspire girls and women by normal women who have achieved extra-ordinary things. Let us celebrate, encourage and grow women in sports, business, academia, entrepreneurship, to be at the #TopofHerGame.


“The power of believing really does allow you to do all of the impossible things”

~Candace Johnson

Telecommunications expert and entrepreneur