Welcome to Top of Her Game!


Please join me in celebrating the 21st Century form of being a woman. A form where women are celebrated for breaking stereotypes.

Where women who are at the top of their game either on the playing field, either in the board room.

No need for the colour pink. No need for tutus. A woman can be competitive (and win) and still… be a woman. The same is true in business. I believe that she can bring her innate talents in both spheres without having to compromise in either.

This is not a campaign for equality. It is not a campaign for bringing back “girliness”. It is one for allowing women to enjoy what makes them happy, and run with it (pun not intended, but works!)

This is as much personal, as it is commercial. My parents are both wonderful, and I am sure they were trying to do their best by allowing me to enter the sporting world. However, my entry point was far from ideal. I was an overweight, tall girl who, with one push, had my peers on the floor. I was taken to do ballet, with the hope of (I suspect) getting me to be increasingly feminine and shed the extra weight. However, I felt like an elephant with a tutu in ballet. I was not comfortable, and I stuck out like a sore thumb as I towered over my dainty counterparts.

I wanted to try other sports and, thankfully, my parents encouraged me. I did aerobics at the local gym, as well as starting tennis and many team sports at school. It is the in the latter category I excelled. I loved playing “with the guys”, training with them where possible, and getting to play in intra-school leagues as well as up to represent my university when I reached the UK shores. In Blighty, I also started rowing. Far from an elitist sport, that was one of dedication (5am starts, on the river by 6am) and endless training.

Sport has been a lifelong release of energy, a grounding force, as well as a teaching ground. I learnt the unspoken rules of business on the courts – fight it out on the courts (I was an excellent defender in Basketball and had more than one basketball bashed against me in anger), then let it go off the courts. I learnt not to take things personally.

I wish all women of the world can share my learning journey. Let there be no more body-conscious approach to getting women active – get them to do what they enjoy. Let’s be aware that not all girls can (or want to be) ballet dancers. They may enjoy getting on a court instead.

Let’s inspire girls and women by women who have done just that – normal women who in the sports world have achieved extra-ordinary things. Let’s, also, translate these learnings into business; where we know there is so much overlap. Let’s celebrate what it takes of a sports, and business woman, to be at the #TopofHerGame.



“The power of believing really does allow you to do all of the impossible things”

~Candace Johnson

Telecommunications expert and entrepreneur